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Estate Planning

Most people have no estate plan in place whether it is because it is a painful subject to deal with or they believe they do not need an estate plan because they do not think they have an estate large enough to justify an estate plan.  We provide a wide range of services for individualized estate planning for our clients including simple wills to elaborate trusts and other plans. 

Estate planning is important to:

  • Control who would be guardian of your children if you and your spouse were to untimely pass away
  • Prevent unnecessary court costs and aggravation for your beneficiaries
  • Determine the distribution of your assets
  • Guide loved ones on your end of life care wishes in the event you cannot speak for yourself

Self help, standardized wills from websites or software do not necessarily hold up in Pennsylvania courts.  There are several requirements for wills and other estate documentation in Pennsylvania that are often overlooked by these programs.  These deficiencies cause more legal work and  can be even more costly than if you had the documentation drafted by a competent attorney.   We offer free consultations for estate planning and will quote a flat fee up front.  Contact us today for your free consulation. 

Estate Administration

Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, much of the emotional difficulty is complicated by the difficulty administering the estate or distributing the assets of the deceased.  If a person in Pennsylvania dies with assets, it is likely that an Estate needs to be opened in a Court of Common Pleas.  This process is confusing and difficult and if mistakes are made, those mistakes can be costly.  Contact us today for a free consultation regarding representation in the administration of the estate of a loved one.