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Legal work is needed at all stages of a business whether it be the creation of an entity, advice on how to deal with employees or development, or the dissolution of a business. As a business ourselves, we understand the importance of every stage of the business and the need for competent legal work to help your business succeed. We help businesses do the following:

  1. Entity Selection and Formation: understanding the tax and liability implications is important before forming the entity for your business. We'll talk you through those choices and help you make the best decision for your business. We have experience creating Partnerships, Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Corporations, and Corporations.
  2. Employee and business operation issues: throughout the operation of your business a number of issues arise pertaining to employees and other operational issues. Whether it escalates to litigation or you are just in need of advice and guidance, our firm can help prevent any problems.
  3. Business Contracts and other legal documents. Throughout the life of a business there are many situations in which contracts and other legal documentation are entered into including but not limited to employee contracts, wholesale or manufacturing contracts, and sales agreements. Whether it is drafting or reviewing those documents, we can provide efficient, affordable services to small businesses.

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